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Quality control

Pinturas Macy has the quality certification according to the ISO standards on environmental management: UNE-EN ISO 9001:00 AND UNE-EN ISO 14001. One of the strategic guidelines of the company is respect and commitment for the environment, and standards for sustainable development are consequently integrated along all the manufacturing processes.

Aware of the necessity of a production responsible with the environment, an exhaustive quality control is therefore held along the whole manufacturing procedure in Macy, which guarantees the traceability of each of our products. In this way, all the raw materials coming to the company´s facilities undergo a thorough examination at one of the three laboratories at our disposal before their storage. In the same way, continuous testing is carried out both during the manufacturing process as well as on the final product.

Pinturas Macy´s imperative concern for quality and sustainability is reflected on the implementation of corporate policies based on a better optimization of resources and materials, a minimization of wastes and hazard levels, a reduction of energy consumption and recycling. Moreover, it is firmly guaranteed that our manufacturing and logistics processes comply with all the requirements against any risk of contamination.


Pinturas Macy´s engagement with sustainability has its evidence in the continuous search of effective procedures against environmental impact and against those risks arising from industrial activity. Consequently, with an eye kept on the satisfaction of our customers, our I+D departments are permanently developing innovative lines of research aimed to the launch of new products and to the ongoing improvement of the existing ones.

In order to regularly verify and evaluate the degree of compliance of the environmental policies of the company, constant auditing on the quality and management systems is implemented in Pinturas Macy. This measure has become an essential tool in the search of excellence and for the improvement and adaptation of all the manufacturing procedures to a challenging field in constant evolution.

In Pinturas Macy, it is firmly believed that a competitive, profitable and committed company must show the utmost respect for the environment; an inexorable engagement which guarantees to the coming generations the possibility of enjoying an undamaged natural heritage.

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