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Our employees are key elements in Pinturas Macy. We rely on an excellent and dedicated team of professionals with an extensive experience, resolutely engaged with the growth and success of the company at all levels.

In Pinturas Macy we foster and display a responsible attitude among our employees, whose engagement entails quality and safety in all our products to fully satisfy the customers´ needs.

Our staff´s involvement along all the decision-making processes ensures accuracy and dedication at their work, which becomes essential to manage and keep talent. The distinctly family-run nature of Pinturas Macy becomes evident in the close and familiar treatment, thanks to which it is possible to adapt the human resources policies of the company to the particular needs of each employee.

We don´t work with figures but with people; all of them indispensable agents for the smooth running of the company´s gear in its relentless quest towards excellence.

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