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High anticorrosive efficiency (500 h of saline mist). Lead-free primer. It enjoys quick drying, great brushability, and an excellent protection power on every kind of ferric surfaces.
Usage: Exterior
Coverage: 203-244 square feet/gallon per coat
Special features

Any kind of ferric surfaces. Deep hardening. Excellent resistance to exterior conditions and weathering (500 h saline mist). Quick drying. Remarkable brushability.


Recoat time

24 h, depending on type of finish paint

Drying time

Dry-to-touch: 30 min.


Universal Thinteriors or 209. Brush and roller: 5% maximum. Air-gun (recommended): 10% maximum. Do not use Universal Thinteriors with the finish paint.


Brush, roller, spray gun


16 L
2.5 L
750 ml
375 ml
125 ml


Minio (common orange-like)

How much paint shall i need? Indicate here surface in m2: Xm2 = YL o Kg

Estimation based on the application of one coat; take into account the number of coats recommended in the Technical Data Sheet to calculate the paint needed. Factual covering will depend on the previous conditions of the surface. If contrast between colors is very dramatic, more coats will be required.

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